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We are pleased to offer you a wonderful team of exceptional therapists who are trained to address a myriad of issues and injuries. All of our therapists have a commitment to continually learning and expanding their abilities and techniques in order to serve you better.
Also, they are just really great people.


Jessica Byers Anderson, LMT #22620

Jessica Bodywork

Jessica has a background in psychology and has always been drawn to therapeutic massage. She wants to create the possibility for clients to feel expansive within their bodies. Sessions with Jessica can allow you to reconnect with yourself and rediscover pain free movement. Jessica has long been a fan of Thai Massage and recently has fallen in love with Thai Medical Theory. She is immersing herself in learning as much as she can and is eager to share this beautiful tradition with you.



Toma Starodubtseva, LMT #18729

Toma Bodywork

Toma brings a wealth of knowledge with a background in Human Physiology as well as experience with sports and athletic injuries. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2009 where she competed as a Division 1 athlete on cross country and track teams. This invaluable experience gives her a unique perspective and approach to correcting imbalances and restoring normal function. Toma has been studying Thai Massage for the last 5 years and is currently delving into a deeper understanding of Thai Medical Theory.



Focus A. Burmester, LMT #13910

Focus Bodywork

Focus has been a student and practitioner of Traditional Thai Medicine for the last ten years. Her primary goal as a therapist is to restore normal, pain-free function for her clients. Sessions with Focus can be intensely transformative and speed you on your way to regaining full use of your body and a more active lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your game, finally reach your toes or just be able to brush your hair pain-free again, Focus can help address your specific injury or limitations.