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  • First Time to our Clinic?

    • New Client Assessment and Therapy $70
      Your first visit to our clinic will include an assessment to identify issues or limitations as well as determining a treatment plan to help you reach your short term and long term goals, whether that is simply relaxing and de-stressing or helping you regain pain-free movement.  
      Please come prepared to spend 90 minutes with us for this appointment. Actual treatment time varies dependent on assessment and severity of your condition. At minimum, you can expect an hour of treatment time.
  • Returning Clients

    • 60 minute Spot Specific Session $70
      Our one hour sessions are great for addressing a single area or issue. If tension or limitations are minimal, more than one area may be addressed. Please note one hour sessions are not sufficient time to work all areas of the body significantly. If you have multiple areas of concern or are interested in a "full body" relaxation massage, we recommend a 90 minute or 2hr session for optimal improvement.
    • 90 minute Session $100
      Our most popular offering, the 90 minute session allows multiple areas to be addressed or as a general "full body" therapy. With either option, this session is transformative and rejuvenating!
    • 120 minute Session $130
      Want to make some serious change? The two hour session allows us to delve deeper into the root of your pain as well as give a very thorough whole body treatment. More than just rejuvenating, this session can help you find a whole new you!

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Fees listed above reflect a Time of Service Discount.
This discount is applied when all fees are paid in full at the time of, or in advance of, services.
If you wish to be billed for your services, standard rates apply and are as follows:

Advanced Manual Therapy (97140): $40/Unit 
Therapeutic/Rehabilitative Massage (97124): $35/Unit
Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy (97010):$15/Application 
Muscle Testing/ROM Testing (95831): $30/unit 
New Patient Exam (99201): $40/unit 
Existing Patient Exam (99211): $30/unit

All Rates, Discounts and Promotions are subject to change without notice.